Gay SA #idols Judge Somizi Diagnosed With Anal Cancer

Gay SA #idols Judge Somizi Diagnosed With Anal Cancer

SA Idols judge and Metro FM presenter Somizi was admitted to hospital yesterday after suffering severe anal pains and fatigue.

According to a leaked medical report, Somizi says he started by experiencing anal itching which he never took serious. After some time he experienced anal bleeding and unbearable anal pain and that’s when he rushed to the hospital where he was diagnosed with anal cancer.

Receptive anal intercourse is believed to be the cause of Somizi’s anal cancer. Anal cancer is a very serious illness and just this year a South African gay singer Koyo Bala died after a three-year battle with anal cancer‚at Groote Schuur Hospital in Cape Town.

Even though the star has just been diagnosed with anal cancer, he is still smilling and full of confidence as you can see from a snap we have of him on the doctor’s bed wearing what seems to be his gym gear. If you are asking yourself why Somizi doesn’t seem shaken with his impending demise. Well maybe it’s because When it is found early, anal cancer is highly treatable.

“We all know Somizi is a fighter and i don’t give up, so this anal cancer better get ready for a fight that I’m not going to lose”, said Somizi.

According to the #SAidols judge’s close friend. With conference Somizi went as far as saying: “i will kick this anal cancer in the butt”.