‘Ugly Woman’ Dineo Moloisane Attempts Suicide After Fans Attack Her For Saying Noma Is Too Fat To Be An Idol

South Africans love their South African Idols. If you are wondering just how much they love their idols. Then just ask one Dineo Moloisane, whom South Africans have nick named “ugly woman Dineo Moloisane”.

Dineo Moloisane was recently awarded the name “ugly woman” by Noma’s fans after Noma Khumalo won SA Idols 2016 and Dineo attempted to body shame the idol by posting a status on facebook saying, “She doesn’t even look like an Idol. She has to start by losing weight, #bored #sigh,”

The post got over 2 900 comments as Noma’s fans did not take this lightly as they jumped to Noma’s defence. They starting bashing Dineo Moloisane with nick names and memes. This online abuse upon Dineo went on for 3 days straight, 24 hours per day. The brave ugly woman tried to stay strong and take the insults like a king that she claims to be but it appears that it all finally got to her in the early hours of thursday. She was found by a flate mate lying down unconscious, with an empty bottle of jik, jeyes fluid, empty bottle of pills and a doom which we are not sure what it was for. Along with those things the flatmate found a suicide note in which Dineo was apologising to Noma and South Africa.
Her flat mate quickly called emergency care and Dineo was taken to Kalafong Provincial Hospital where she is recovering. And according to the flat mate, Dineo is complaining about the hospital saying the nurses are mistreating her and she thinks it is because they are Noma’s fans.

Here are some of the hurtful things people said that drove Dineo to her suicidal thoughts:
NKhensani Shikumbukwane: “Noma has a career already. She’s not like you. Go pay your debts if you know what’s good for you.”
Sipho Nkosi said: “This ugly girl must start going to “Style By Jury”. She’s ugly like Ghana’s number 1 striker.”

And here are some of the many hurtful pictures people posted to Dineo’s wall: