SHOCKING! Customer Finds ‘Deep Fried Rat’ in His KFC Meal

SHOCKING! Customer Finds ‘Deep Fried Rat’ in His KFC Meal

Limpopo – A resident of Polokwane claims he was served a “Deep Fried Rat” in a meal he purchased from a local Kentucky Fried Chicken chain.

The “Deep Fried Rat” photo (you can check it out on our facebook page) has taken the internet by storm after Andile Mhlongo posted on his Facebook page of what he claims to be a fried rodent in his KFC meal. According to Andile, he stored the grotesque remains of his KFC meal in the freezer and returned to the restaurant with photos and his receipt for proof of purchase.

In a Facebook post by Andile, he wrote, “Went back to KFC yesterday (Sunday) and spoke to the manager, she said it is a rat and apologised, it’s time for a lawyer. Be safe, don’t eat fast food.


After Andile made the allegations of being served a deep-fried rat from KFC, The company’s Facebook and Twitter page has been bombarded with messages and photos of Andile’s KFC meal.

Efforts to get a comment from KFC public relations officer proved futile.