ANGRY Girlfriend Kills Boyfriend For Being a Moreki while their newborn Has NO Diapers & Baby Formula

ANGRY Girlfriend Kills Boyfriend For Being a Moreki while their newborn Has NO Diapers & Baby Formula

Being a #Moreki comes at a cost. This December men allover South Africa are spending recklessly on booze all for the title of being “Moreki”. Some it costs them thousands or Rands while some it costs them hundreds of Rands. But for one unlucky man from Mangaung, Free State, the title of Moreki cost him his life.

This is after A MUM allegedly went crazy and stabbed her 42 year old baby daddy, Tumelo Diphoko on the left side of his neck.

According to a 38-year-old witness, the 26 year old mother was tipped off by someone that the father of her child is busy buying endless rounds of drinks for girls at Helepi Tavern. “The mother then asked me to stay with their newborn baby while she goes to Helepi Tavern to fetch her husband. The mum apparently became furious. When she found a table full of drinks which her boyfriend and multiple young girls helping themselves to the drinks, while her boyfriend was busy shouting ska bhora moreki, o reka nna. which are lyrics from a famous song called ska bhora moreki by an artist from Bolobedu named King Monada. When translated the lyrics say don’t bore the buyer, i am the one buying”, added the witness.

According to witnesses at the Tavern, the enraged mother started shouting at her boyfriend and threatened to beat up the young women sitting at her boyfriend’s table. The angry mum then smashed all the bottles of booze on the table and then dragged her boyfriend out of the tavern.

It is alleged that when they got to their home at Chris Hani Square in Mangaung, Free State, the mum then demanded money for their new born’s diapers and baby formula. The boyfriend then explained that he did not have any money left. According to a neighbor, the mum became very furious shouting at her man, telling that he was just busy buying drinks for floozies while his child doesn’t even have milk and diapers, the brawl apparently went on for a few minutes and they boyfriend kept on insisting that he doesn’t have any money left.

“The woman took out a knife from a drawer and stabbed him. I never thought she would do something like this.” said the neighbor who was babysitting their newborn.

Tumelo’s brother, Galeboe (41), said by the time he arrived on the scene after receiving a phone call about what had happened, his brother was already dead.

“We will bury him soon.

“There’s not much else I can say.

“I hope his spirit rests in peace and justice takes its course,” said Galeboe.

Police spokesman Constable Mosili Ntsika confirmed the incident.

“A 26-year-old woman allegedly stabbed a 42-year-old man in the left side of the neck, killing him.

“A case of murder was opened against the woman.

She is in custody and will appear in court soon,” said