MUST READ: ZCCs will not go to heaven. Lekganyane is a false god, a friend of Satan & can kill any ZCC member anytime – Ex ZCC prophet exposes ZCC deep secretes

If you are a member of ZCC, remove your ZCC badge and ZCC Cap before you read this testimony, we pray for the Lord’s protection upon the readers and hearers of this testimony in Jesus Name.
If you know anyone belonging to the following Church please print or e-mail this to them or share on your facebook and twitter. This may save a lot of people out there who honestly think they are saved and worship God when in actual fact they are worshiping men or deceived by false prophets and worship Satan.

This was a message shared by an Ex ZCC member and he had the following secrets to share about the ZCC church which has millions of followers
He started off by quoting a scripture from the bible:
Matthew 24:24 “For false Christs and false prophets will rise and show great signs and wonders to deceive…
The Truth Behind ZCC
ZCC is a well known church in South Africa. They say ZCC stands for ‘Zion Christian Church’ whereas the truth is not so. One of three leaders of this church is a man known by ‘Barnabas Lekganyane’ or should I say ‘False prophet Lekganyane’ he has millions of followers here in SA. It is said the founder was a man by the name Engenas Lekganyane who is now dead and had had two sons who are still alive who are the current leaders, one of them being Barnabas Lekganyane whom we will concentrate on mainly here. The real meaning of the acronym ZCC is actually in Chinese which means ‘I Satan, Collect & destroy’

This secret was revealed by Pastor Mbatha aka ‘The Man of Secrets’, Pastor Mbhatha stayed in the sea for two years and seven months in preparation to be a sangoma, he later got saved after he failed to kill a true Christian, he realized the power of God after having killed thousands of lukewarms and non believers by witchcraft.

The story of Pastor Mbhatha might be a bit sad, his whereabouts are not known by many people after he got deliverance and having revealed many secrets about the powers of darkness.

Pastor Mbhatha was a Sangoma or a hardcore witch prior to being a Christian and a Pastor who revealed many stunning secrets, some think that the devil managed to get him back to the sea and some believe he died and went to heaven. He was an Evangelist who preached too much on the subject of holiness and always revealing the secrets of the powers of darkness or the movement of evil spirits in our midst, he revealed secrets behind Sangomas and some churches which I won’t mention by name for now except for ZCC. Pastor Mbhatha preached too much on the subject of holiness and the End Times towards the years of 2000. I had a couple of his tapes, he always preached against the churches which he used to interact with during the times when he was still a wizard.

Pastor Mbhatha actually mentioned that when he used to live in the sea, he used to interact with a mermaid, Satan and Lekganyane.

In his preachings he would shout out the name of lekganyane that people should know that lekganyane is a friend of Satan. He would scream out “ZCCs are not going to heaven!”

Pastor Mbatha being an Ex Satanist himself knew where they would send the demons to accomplish some tasks. During the time he got saved, he never watched TV, he said TV was banned in his house because he knew how demons were interactive on the media, he knew how interactive demons were at parties so he also used to advise Christians not to go to parties. He also severely discouraged bad women attire because he knew where the ideas came from.

He never allowed unholy people to enter his yard whether part of the family or not because of Psalm 1:1 he said the Lord would speak to him in dreams and visions and shared some of them with us. I know many people thought many things about him, but I grasped what was important for me to grasp, ‘the secrets’ which were even matching to Emmanuel Enni’s testimony and some Ex Satanists testimonies including Pastor Linda’s testimony. Pastor Mbhatha actually mentioned the name “Queen of the Coast” that he used to interact with, and you will remember that Emmanuel Enni also did interact with the Queen of The Coast in the sea.

Now back to ZCC. There are some Ex Satanists testimonies where they also proclaim to have seen lekganyane in the meetings that are held in the sea by Satan and his followers. In one of the tapes that I had, was a youth girl who testified about attending satanists’ meeting in the sea where they would see Satan himself. The interviewer asked her how Satan looked like and she said they could not see Satan’s face, he was wearing a long black cloth from shoulder to feet and his face was also covered with a black veil, but she said they would see lekganyane’s face as an executive member there.

“I am Not doing this article to condemn, but to help the doomed brothers and sisters who are followers of Lekganyane and ‘thinking’ that they will make it to heaven.” said the Ex ZCC member.

This church has millions of members all over South Africa. At the time when I thought of exposing ZCC and the Universal Church, another brother in Christ just came to give me a certain Ex ZCC Member’s mp3 testimony and said I should burn him a copy, and I thought it was God’s confirmation that I should go ahead and help the doomed souls in ZCC. This was during Jan 2010. God doesn’t want any single being to spend eternity in the lake of fire which was created for the devil and his angels.

We are still dealing with ZCC here, we are coming to the Universal Church, Yes, and I said it. This Universal church of Satan is gaining fame every Sunday morning; it is televised to attract people to a false breakthrough. A breakthrough where you kill a member of your family!?? A breakthrough where they sneak and kill a member of your family as sacrifice to Satan!!? Hmm…

You see there is nothing for free from Satan. True breakthrough only comes from God; True love only comes from God.

Back to ZCC. Unlike the Universal church, ZCC does not use the name of Jesus, rather it is substituted by the name of ‘Lekganyane’, in ZCC they use the very same bible that we use, lekganyane is deceiving ZCCs by the same bible that we use, how sad is that?

However, I believe only a few ZCCs realize the truth from reading the bibles very well by themselves, like this brother’s mp3 testimony where he managed to see that ZCCs are actually missing true salvation when they get baptized. He said he noticed that the bible says that when we get baptized we must be baptized by the name of the holy trinity, which are Father God, God the Son and The Spirit of God, but in ZCC baptism, neither of these names are used, rather three names are used which refer back to lekganyane.

This brother who is an Ex ZCC member did not mention his name on the mp3 testimony. Another thing that is misleading in ZCC is the fact that they consult so called ‘ancestors’, aren’t they dead?
They consult Sangomas, don’t Sangomas belong to the devil?
Let us join our hands and help these doomed brothers and sisters.

Here’s what you will notice from this testimony: Lekganyane is a false god, a friend of Satan, this brother was a prophet of lekganyane, he said lekganyane does not speak to just anyone, but speaks to only some of his chosen (his prophets), he speaks to them in dreams, visions and some depart their physical bodies and talk to him in the eternal realm, this brother was one of them. This brother’s testimony will save many doomed souls, we pray that the Lord convict the hearts of the doomed souls as they read or hear of this testimony.

This brother also believes that it was what God had created him for, to help the doomed ZCCs, let us join our hands and spread this testimony all over. This brother joined ZCC because of his parents.


The members of ZCC usually wear a badge on their chest, a ZCC badge; there is also a cap which is worn by the Men of ZCC. The is a shop where you get ZCC everything, mugs, salt, photos and etc. The ZCC salt contains tiny spice like red particles and as a ZCC member; you are not allowed to ask what those red small particles are. There is a ‘ZCC tea bag’ with lekganyane’s photo on the box of the tea and the ZCC coffee, no one knows where these products are made, and you will notice in the testimony what they actually are and where they come from.

This brother also mentioned something which is stunning, true and sad, Lekganyane plays with the minds of the Men of ZCC, truly speaking, I once had this thought in my mind, I actually thought ‘You know, sometimes, it is easy to tell if someone is a ZCC member’ you will find out in the testimony about this sad thing which the devil is doing. The badge which is worn by ZCC members have got a black and a green cloth underneath the silver star which is on top of the badge. This brother said that the black cloth represents ‘death’, Lekganyane can kill any of his members at anytime, the members of ZCC have indirectly given that power to Lekganyane because they are baptized under the name ‘Lekganyane’.

The green cloth represents the world, which means that the people of ZCC are people of the world and not born again, that is why fornication is not a sin according to ZCC. Now even if there was nothing supernaturally evil about ZCC, the mere fact that fornication is not a sin can take a soul to Hell. That is Not Godly. The physical buildings of the church of ZCC have no roof all over the branches every where in SA.

The wall is just as high as the waist. When they sing, they get to a point where they jump very high up like it is a competition of who can jump to highest. Some people say that the reason have they don’t have a roofing at their worship places is that it might happen that as they jump very high, someone can just be caught up by the holy spirit straight to heaven and never come back. That’s a sad deceit because It won’t happen.

Like it is said, Not everyone in the church of ZCC knows the deep secret of this church. So Not every member can believe or testify of the things which are in this article, but ask the how they pray, they will tell you that they really don’t use the name of Jesus, rather they mention ‘Lekganyane’ in their prayers. Even some of the leaders are doomed, they know absolutely nothing about these supernatural things that we testify of here in this article, that’s because the devil is a deceiver, and his aim is to drag all souls to Hell.

And based on my understanding, Lekganyane might Not even know the truth about Hell and the Lake of fire, remember Lekganyane is also a human being, A dude who might have sold his soul to Satan and given powers by him. Yes Lekganyane is seeing Satan face to face in the sea, but the devil is a great deceiver.
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Check this out in your logic, No one would want to burn in the lake of fire forever, so what the devil does is to deceive his closest people and tell them that he will win the Armageddon war and have a kingdom of his own which he will share with them, which is actually Not true. He might be masquerading as that good looking person in the sea with many powers and many souls to him more than to Christ on earth, but in Hell, he knows exactly that he is that huge ugly looking monster who tortures the dead unsaved souls.