Ananias Mathe fakes own death to escape prison

Ananias Mathe fakes own death to escape prison

Serial prison escapee Ananias Mathe has pulled off one of the most daring escapes only fit for a movie script.

We woke up to the news that the Mozambican national had died in Durban’s King Edward Hospital but now evidence has emerged that Ananias faked his own death. Dubbed “prison Houdini’, the slim built Mathe is believed to have paid off some prison warders and doctor at King Edward to pronounce him dead.

When he was moved to King Edward, he simply walked away.

A source at King Edward Hospital who works at the mortuary said they never received the body. “Everyone who dies here has to come to the mortuary first. No corpse is released without proper channels being observed. Ananias’s body never came here. He left the ward but never arrived at the freezers”, said the source.

It is believed Ananias escaped during the period his body was being transferred from the ward to the mortuary since there was no security there. In October, Ananias Mathe failed to escape from C-Max prison in Kokstad after he managed to tear away a solid steel strip of the window frame above his bed to expose the normally secure glass pane. He broke the glass and tried to remove the entire frame from the wall.

Ananias is believed to be holed up in the Gauteng province and went to his ex girlfriend

Correctional services spokesperson said the department was baffled by his escape.