Ska bhora moreki hit maker King Monada is my son – Says Papa Penny Penny the Disco King

Ska bhora moreki hit maker King Monada is my son – Says Papa Penny Penny the Disco King

Penny Penny the Disco King claims that King Monada of the popular song Ska Bhora Moreki is his son. The Disco King revealed the shocking news recently when he was talking to ABC News .

In the interview the Disco King Penny Penny was asked if he would like to share some of his new year resolutions. “My first new year resolution is to reconcile with my long lost son from Bolobedu who is also a King in the music industry”, said Penny Penny.

Then Penny Penny was asked to share more about his long lost son who he wishes to reconcile with, which is a very noble thing for any father to do.

“His name is King Monada, he is very talented when it comes to music. He currently has one of the biggest songs in South Africa called ska bhora moreki”, said The King Of Disco Penny Penny.
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“He’s my son and I’m very proud of him, i don’t get to talk to Khutso Steven which is Monada’s real name but i talk to his mother all the time because i first have to arrange with her that i can meet my son and she tells me he has grown into quite a very humble young man, he is a little shy until you give him the microphone because music is in his blood just like me. We are both Kings and i want us to make music together. We can call ourselves the king and his son Monada, ahheeee.”, said Penny Penny.

According to Penny Penny, he met Khutso Steven’s mother back in the 90’s when he went to Tzaneen to visit the late Peta Teanet to make music with him. Penny Penny referred Monada’s mother as ma’Kgale. According to Penny Penny ma’kgale lived at a village called Mokgolobotho just outside Tzaneen in Limpopo, but she worked at one of the shops in Tzaneen town and that is where he met her and it was love at first sight.

“Our fire burning love affair led to the birth of our talented son Khutso Steven Kgale who will be turning 22 this year and i hope to spend the special day with him, I have already started working on a song which i’ll dedicate to him on his birthday”. added Penny Penny.

source: ABC News