Gay Gospel Singer Lundi diagnosed with anal cancer & fighting for his life in hospital

Out and proud controversial gay Gospel singer, Lundi Tyamara has been hospitalized. We have learnt from several sources close to the award-winning muso, that he’s been in a Johannesburg hospital for a month. He apparently spent his birthday (16 December), Christmas and New Year in hospital, and is still there “fighting for his life”.

“He is not looking well at all but we are praying that he beats this. He is suffering from anal cancer and he has been complaining severe anal pains for a while now,” the first source, who visited him recently in hospital, said.

A second source says Lundi, who has been dubbed the “prince of gospel” and the “prodigal son of gospel”, is also experiencing problems when using the rest rooms hence he says every time he has to relieve himself he feels like he is experiencing a rectal explosion.

Receptive anal intercourse is believed to be the cause of Lundi’s anal cancer just like in Somizi’s case. Anal cancer is a very serious illness and just last year a South African gay singer Koyo Bala died after a three-year battle with anal cancer‚at Groote Schuur Hospital in Cape Town.

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Lundi’s manager, Anele Hlazo, could not be reached for comment. However, it’s rumoured he dumped his duties managing Lundi’s career two months ago.

Lundi started his solo career in 1998 and he is known for many gospel hits such as Mphefumlo Wami, Mvuleleni Angene, Mniku’dumo, Khuluma Nabo and Inkosi’ Iyayazi.