Dead Boy Opens His Eyes and ‘Comes Back to Life’ Inside Coffin

A “dead” boy has shocked his family when he sat up in his coffin during the funeral and asked them what was going on.

The child (7) “stopped breathing” and had “cold feet and hands” when he was believed dead by his mother and around a dozen other relatives.

According to relatives he had been sick for a long time and doctors didn’t know what was really wrong with him.

He was already extremely weak to begin with so when he went still his family though he had passed on.

They were stunned when, hours into the funeral service, he opened the lid of the wooden coffin, sat up, and looked around with confusion and asked “What’s happening? Why am I in a coffin?”

Naturally there was chaos as some fled while some some stared with utter shock waiting to confirm with their eyes if they were seeing the right thing.

Apparently the child thought the adults were playing a game with him and he wasn’t in on the joke.

“I had to tell my son we thought he was dead and this was his funeral” his mother said with a mix of relief and disbelief.

“We don’t know what happened, we could all see he was dead but then he woke up as if nothing had happened”

His parents rushed to lift him from the coffin and put him back to bed, apologising for the awkwardness which ensued

Although the he is still weak and not eating much, the fact remains that he is very much alive.

He has now spent the past two days since “coming back from the dead” lying in bed and eating porridge. While family and friends keep asking themselves what on earth happened.

We’re still asking the same too.