SHOCKING: I’m too old to be a VIRG!N please HELP, i now want to feel a PEN!S – says 13yr old

Here is one shocking Email we would like to share with our readers. We received this email then we shared it on the website and already some of our readers have started emailing us in response to this young girl’s letter. After reading please leave some advice for her in the comment box at the end of this article.

The “subject” of the Email is as follows:
“Is 13 too OLD to be a virgin?”

The contents of the Email are as follows:
I know this may be an awkward question but lots of my friends were shocked when they found out I never kissed a boy and i’m a virgin? Help? when is the right age? I don’t know.. isn’t it all SO awkward???

Any Advice will be much appreciated because i have been getting so much pressure from my friends, now i am even starting to feel like 13 is too old to be a virgin. i even feel like i am ready to feel a p3n!s.


From Nelly:
GIRL I’m 16 and I just received my first kiss. I’m still a virgin and I’m 3 years older than you. There is absolutely nothing wrong with still being a virgin and have had received your first kiss yet. On the contrary, I pride myself on the fact that I’m still a virgin. I say it to people out loud that, ” yes, I’m a virgin. So what? ” The beautiful thing about being green for a long time is that it show that you are smart and wise. You respect yourself, and you understand that losing your virginity is not a race. You won’t have to panic because you don’t have to figure how you’re gonna break the news to you’re parents that you’re either HIV positive or worse: pregnant. So don’t feel like you have to be like all the other girls. Your body, Your decision. But make sure that you’re making the right decision. And you’re probably a freshman in high school. Let me tell you something: freshman, sophomore and junior year are the HARDEST years of high school. Those are the years when you should be kicking *** cause that’s when colleges are looking at you. I’m taking 3 AP classes. I don’t even have time to think about boys.

Hope this helped. Good luck
PS. Oh by the way, you should only kiss a guy you ACTUALLY LIKE unlike me.


From Dee:
Oh Hell NO!!! You’re a child at 10 and not legally allowed to consent to having se_x yet with anyone. Be attentive to school, friends and fun for now because you only have 8 more years of being a kid and then adult responsibilities roll in. Se_x being 1 of them but there’s so much more than that too. You’ll have plenty of years of being an adult and sometimes you’ll miss the younger years terribly when you have to deliver all across the board and have no one to cover for you. Depressing sounding I know, but it’s adulthood and it’s to be expected and just what it is. So now on that note, enjoy the Holidays and everything else you have right now because these are some really happy days for you that won’t last forever. Good luck and hope this helps?

From Maggie:
First of all, I’m pretty sure that in most, if not all states, the legal age of consent is over 16 or older. Your body (and mind) hasn’t stopped developing yet, and so there’s a law for a reason. And regardless, it’s your body – you choose who to have se_x with and when. Anyways, virginity is a concept – there’s really no such thing as loosing your virginity – you know? Like, there’s not an actual v-card or physical marker that says that penetrative se_x (or any other type of se_x) is loosing hypothetical innocence. I’m sixteen, been in plenty of relationships and have never had any type of se_x.

From Jane:
I lost my virginity to my first boyfriend my freshman year. I was 14. But I will tell you I wish I would have waited. I thought I was in love and turns out he had other plans. He dumped me after two months. I’m 23 now and I still think about it. I would go back if I could. Don’t let other people influence your choices because you’re the one who will have to live with them.