Caged Woman Traced – The Boss Sold Her To Another Farmer (It was a delivery)

Caged Woman Traced – The Boss Sold Her To Another Farmer (It was a delivery)

A picture circulating online of a woman in a cage on the back of a bakkie in Cradock in the Eastern Cape has caused a stir on social media.

The Izuzu bakkie is registered in the name of Johan Erasmus, a 41-year-old farmer. The victim of this bizarre act is a farm worker in Cradock, located in the Eastern Cape and her name is Linda Stenekamp. When we got to the victim’s location she had already been told not to talk to the media in the absence of her baas. Infact the poor woman even seemed traumatized as she literally begged us to leave hence we will get her in trouble.

A video has already emerged where the victim’s baas(boss) had already told her what to say and the victim said that she got into the cage out of her own free will because they are used to sitting at the back.

But since we couldn’t talk to the victim ourselves, we then decided to talk to another employee who was found at the the same farm. And according to the witness who spoke to us under the condition of anonymity, Johan Erasmus has also been identified as a field agent who buys and sells sheep and cattle. According to the witness, sheep and cattle is not the only thing that Johan buys, sells and transports, Johan also buys us farm workers from various farms and sells us to other farmers at a higher price and then at these farms we work for food and shelter.

“Most of us are not South Africans so we do not have ID’s. We are told that we can not lay complaints to the authorities because we will be shipped back to our home lands where there is no food and shelter, our kids don’t even go to school, they just grow up to be farm workers like their parents. But when you are still young or disabled you are taken to town to stand by the robots and beg for money from motorists and then later the money is given to the baas. But as soon as you seem like you are becoming clever and adapting to the outside world, you are then taken back to the farm for hard work or sold to another farmer away from the city you used to beg from.” added the witness.

“Linda Stenekamp just arrived at our farm today and she was brought by Johan like many other farm workers here who were brought by Johan. So the photo of Linda caged in Johan’s bakkie was just a delivery, it’s nothing new here, but they only cage you if you refuse to be transferred to another farm. Most farm workers refuse to leave their previous farms because they don’t want to leave their children and loved ones behind. I don’t know about Linda but i am certain she was caged because she did not want to leave her previous farm with her loved ones behind,” said the witness after we showed the witness Linda’s photo caged in an Isuzu bakkie.

“Linda has been promised something by the baas to not talk to anyone unless the baas gives the go ahead. It’s possible she was promised that her loved ones will be brought to this farm to join her or she will be taken back to the previous farm to join them. Or maybe she was simply promised a beating if she told anyone about what is happening here,” added the witness before rushing off.