Somizi leaves Grace Bible Church to join ZCC with his Mother

Local celebrity Somizi Mhlongo wasn’t going to take homophobic comments by a pastor at the Grace Bible Church on Sunday sitting down.

Mhlongo walked out of the sermon after Bishop Dag Heward-Mills called being homosexual “unnatural”.
Watch video that made Somizi walk out of Grace Bible Church

After walking out of Grace Bible Church, Somizi had this to say, i wasn’t going to sit there and be offended.

“This is who I am. I am a gay man. Get it straight into your skull. My soul is alright with my God. Let me deal with my God and my soul. Don’t tell me.”

“I am proud and I’m going to remain gay for the rest of my life. Even my mother is proud of me and that is why i will now be attending ZCC with her.”