They are black but they are mine: Cape Town man whose wife gave birth to black twins Speaks Out

“They are black but they are mine.” This are the words of a white Cape Town man who is adamant that the black kids that his wife gave birth to are his.

A Cape Town couple which made headlines a year ago after wife had a complicated pregnancy delivery and later gave birth to black twin boys opens up for the first time.

George Venter revealed that his wife didn’t commit adultery and there was no need for DNA tests since he believes that the twins are his.

“The boys are grown now, we are all doing fine, i have said this before and i am saying it now, me and Lea (the wife) we both don’t have a black origins in our respective family trees but with God’s will we conceived black twins.

“People claim that the kids were fathered by a black man.. no no let me set the record straight, Lea will never cheat on me, the kids are mine and its not a medical condition that they are black, this is God’s blessing.”

George admits that it wasn’t easy for their kids to be accepted in the society where everyone push him hard to carry DNA tests. He claims that he refused another doctor’s offer to carry free paternity tests.