I wish South Africans were as nice as Zimbabweans:President Zuma

I wish South Africans were as nice as Zimbabweans:President Zuma

SOUTH Africa’s president, Jacob Zuma, says he wishes South African citizens were as nice as Zimbabweans and if he had a choice, he could have asked the ancestors to be born a Zimbabwean.

The ANC Leader, says Zimbabwe is a country which he admires because it is very free, where leaders are not abused and harassed but instead adored and loved unlike in South Africa.

Speaking exclusively to the Tribune, the sidelines of a business investor lunch this afternoon at Grand West Casino in Cape Town, President Zuma said South Africans don’t appreciate him. “I have given my all for this country and all I get is bashing after bashing. People are not appreciative for all I have done and the sacrifices I have made. It’s not easy being the laughing stock of a country. Zimbabweans do not laugh at their father. It’s different here”

“To be honest I was born in a wrong country… I have been to Zimbabwe a couple of times, and you all know how they helped us during the war, those people know how to respect their leaders… leaders that side are free from harassment and abuse, in fact they are loved and adored, look at President Mugabe …this is something that you do not get down here and I would certainly love to be a Zimbabwean if I could have had a choice,” Zuma said.

He added that he is arranging to meet President Mugabe as soon as can be for a crash course on how to be a good leader and whip people into line.

Meanwhile the President addressed captains of industry as well as government heavyweights at the investor lunch, reiterating and reassuring them that the economy must be restructured to include previously disadvantaged groups.