AKA is in trouble, what Bonang wants for Valentine’s is insane

AKA is in trouble, what Bonang wants for Valentine’s is insane

When you are Bonang and your boyfriend is AKA, you can’t be asking for teddy bears for Valentine’s Day.

It is no secret that Bonang ‘Queen B’ Matheba has a taste for things some of us can only wish for, and the good part is she works hard for them. However, as hardworking as she is, Bonang cannot be buying herself Valentine’s Day gifts – not when her boyfriend is Kiernan ‘AKA’ Forbes.

Metro FM presenter Lerato Kganyago recently took to Twitter to ask her followers what they wanted for Valentine’s and Bonang was one of those who responded. While some were talking about teddy bears, dates, iPhone 7s and other ‘affordable’ things, Bonang shut down the conversation with only two words.

Bonang told Kganyago all she wanted for Valentine’s Day was “a Learjet”, with a pink interior. It seems the Queen B has even went as far as checking out the Lear Jet she wants, as she said it would cost the Supa Mega a mere R278 911 500.

That’s more than Nkandla cost taxpayers.

Just like Kganyago, all we can say is Yhu!

It seems Queen B is not the only one who is tired of the “humiliation” of flying business class with AKA while other kids are doing first class. Perhaps a jet is the only option for her.


Last month, while on his way to Thailand and Hong Kong, on a vacation that cost him “an arm and a Rolex”, AKA said his New Year’s resolution was for him to never be “subjected to the humiliation of flying business class again”.

“I’ll be sh*tting on the haters from dizzy heights over the next week. You have been warned,” he added.

We guess he’ll have to adjust his resolution and aim higher, just like his girl.