Powerful 3 year old Limpopo Sangoma demands 2 virg!ns after a ritual

Powerful 3 year old Limpopo Sangoma demands 2 virg!ns after a ritual

3 year old Limpopo Sangoma demands 2 v!rgins

The youngest Limpopo Sangoma aged 3 left Makhado residents in fear after he was denied his payment for conducting a dangerous cleansing ceremony in Makhado, Vhembe district.

The 3 year old Sangoma is alleged to have removed goblins that have been tearing a local family apart, from requesting blood to killing relatives including all newly born children since 2010.

According to a family member, they have lost a great amount of wealth in the quest to get rid of the goblins. “We went to KZN to consult a certain witch doctor after a recommendation from a work mate but the problem was never solved.”

Even the Village elders were shocked after the young Sangoma demanded two virgins after performing a task that is normally paid by cattle.

“We have never witnessed such in our lifetime, but what the ancestors demand, they have to be given. We are shocked but we can’t deny them their price, the family is still in denial but they will with our help come to their senses and pay the said offering. Lucky enough there is a pool of v!rg!ns within the family to chose from,” one elder said.

While other residents call for negotiations with the ancestors, some have different views and calls for the family to pay.

“This can’t be a surprise, when you call a Sangoma to perform a cleansing ceremony you must be ready to meet their demands, we can’t risk to provoke ancestors since they bless us and keep us safe. We are what we are in this village and have all we have because of these ancestors! We owe them a great deal of respect, if we don’t they will unleash terror on us all,“ said a woman who claims to be a local church leader.