Limpopo man arrested after he ra_ped a donkey till it bled

A Limpopo man was yesterday arraigned in the Magistrates’ Courts facing allegations of bes_tiality.

Mbongiseni Dube (18) of Limpopo pleaded not guilty when he appeared before Limpopo resident magistrate Sharon Njube and was remanded to June 16 for continuation of trial.

For the State, David Hlengiswe told the court that on the afternoon of February 4, Mbongiseni was with his uncle Stephan Dube at a borehole smoking tobacco while grazing his donkeys.

Mbongiseni then told his uncle that he was going to check on the donkeys. After realising that he had been gone for too long, his uncle decided to check on him and found other donkeys grazing nearby, but one female was missing. Stephan searched and found a half-dressed Mbongiseni having se_xual intercourse with the female donkey in a bushy area. When he saw his uncle, Mbongiseni fled leaving his shirt on the scene.

Mbongiseni denied the allegations telling the court that he found that the donkey had been brutally beaten by an unknown person and the reason he was standing behind it with his shirt off was that he was trying to mount the donkey and take it to his uncle’s homestead.

Dube told the court that he had always suspected that his donkey was being abused by someone because of the way it had been bruised.

He said what saddened him was that he caught his nephew having s_exual intercourse with it and that it was bleeding, indicating that it had been severely beaten before being abused.

Dube also said he could not understand why his nephew had initially pleaded guilty and then later altered his plea.