VALENTINES DAY WARNING : How To Know If Your Partner Wants To DELIBERATELY Infect You With HIV – Well Explained

VALENTINES DAY WARNING : How To Know If Your Partner Wants To DELIBERATELY Infect You With HIV – Well Explained

It’s public knowledge that not everyone has a good heart. Sometimes when something bad happens to some people we may ‘feel better’ when ‘the same catastrophe’ destroys our neighbours,friends or rivals,an action which is highly toxic and discouraged especially in religious circles.

The same happens to some of the HIV victims,we will have a look at both genders on what some of them do to lure their partners into unprotected.

Females usually tell their male partners that whenever they use condoms their private parts begin to itch.Beware of these kind of girls,they may want to ‘give you’ HIV deliberately.

On the other hand,this may also happen in males,whereby he tells his female counterpart that his pe_nis is allergic to the lub_rication on the condom,beware of these kinds of men.

It’s also very common to come across a female partner who tells you words like,”Babe come on,I have just finished my periods today,there is absolutely no way I can get pregnant because my pH level won’t allow fertilization at this point”.Although it’s basic knowledge that a female may not get pregnant about 4 days after her menstruation,this may be the right chance for one heartless female to pass the deadly disease to their unsuspecting partners,beware.

In general,heavily built females with curved bodies have a tendency to make people believe that they are ‘very healthy’ and encourage their male counter parts into unprotected se_x who may ‘judge the book by its cover’ and rush into sleeping with them without any HIV test.


The most common one,both males and females,tend to tell their partners lines like,”If you really love me and trust me,we should not be using co_ndoms,we will still get married so there is no need for protection today”.You must also be aware of these lines,they are toxic if you don’t know your partner’s HIV status.

Among all,share this article and save a life,it could be your brother,cousin or sister that you are going to save before Valentines day.Stay safe,AIDS kills.