BREAKING : President Jacob Zuma Says People From Kwazulu Natal Are Very Lazy,Reasons Shocking

Kwazulu Natal – President Jacob Zuma says people from Kwazulu Natal are a lazy lot who are good at nothing but just complaining instead of working hard to improve their lives. The South African President said this to Mpumalanga residents when he donated 300 day-old chicks to more than 50 vendors who attended the official opening a refugee reception centre in honour of Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu.

Zuma announced the opening of the centre during his response to the State of the Nation Address (Sona) in Parliament .Departing from his prepared speech, Zuma castigated what he described as a culture of laziness among people of Kwazulu Natal.

“I hope you will do better than those people in Kwazulu Natal who do not want to work,” Zuma said. “Those people are good at complaining about marginalization yet they are very lazy. What sort of people are they who don’t want to work? Since last year, I have donated more than 50 000 chicks in Kwazulu Natal and surrounding areas, but I can tell you that I have since discovered that of this figure, less than 10 percent survived to maturity… the rest died from neglect because those people have no culture of working,” Zuma fumed.

“Maybe they wanted me to give them the chicks and the feed and then build the fowl runs for them and before going to their homes daily to feed the chicks for them? I don’t know how I can help them,they don’t know that the days of manna ended with Moses!” an angry Zuma said.

There is no love lost between Zuma and the people of Kwazulu Natal despite the President’s recent sentiments towards his people.