Spurs man assaulted and shot in his car in cold blood by EFF members

Spurs man assaulted and shot in his car in cold blood by EFF members

It is reported that the ‘Spurs Incident’ man was assaulted during the late hours of Thursday as he was leaving the car sale he operates in Johannesburg. Police do not have finer details of the incident but members of the Economic Freedom Fighters are suspected to have a hand. He is regarded as racist in South Africa after a video footage provided by Spurs showed that he forcibly pulled the toddler’s arm.

The condition of the man is unknown at the moment of writing this publication but he was been ferried o Johannesburg Netcare Hospital to receive emergency medical attention.

Police identified that the bullets that shot him in the chest area came from a 9×19mm Walther P99, German semi-automatic pistol.

The mother featured in a viral social media video where she was accosted by a fellow Spur patron, said despite the intimidation attempt, she felt she had to defend herself and her children. The police have not yet established if the woman was involved in the attempted murder incident.

What was meant to be a delightful day for a 3-year-old toddler’s birthday with her family in a Spur restaurant at The Glen Shopping Mall, south of Joburg, quickly turned into the aggressive incident that has led to a social media storm after two parents were involved in an argument which threatened to get physical.