Photographer suspended for ‘flirting’ with President Zuma

Photographer suspended for ‘flirting’ with President Zuma

Photographer suspended for ‘flirting’ with Zuma

Siyasanga Mbambani, an assistant director of media production in the presidential unit of the Government and Communications Information System (GCIS), has been suspended for allegedly flirting with the president and his deputy.

The suspension comes after she allegedly wore skimpy “seductive” dresses in front of President Jacob Zuma and his deputy, Cyril Ramaphosa.

Mbambani was then suspended by the GCIS for “violating departmental policies by quoting the department on social media without authorisation”.

She alleges that her boss, Elmond Jiyane, the deputy director of media production at GCIS, had on several occasions falsely accused her of flirting with Zuma and Ramaphosa. This, she says, was by being “scantily dressed” and flashing her “full bums” and breasts at the pair while taking pictures of them during official events.

Mbambani mentioned one incident where she was allegedly accused of grabbing the president closer when took a selfie with him at State of the Nation address cocktail party in 2015. Jiyane allegedly told her: “You asked to take a photo with the president, and you grabbed him closer, he pointed at the breast area.”

She now accuses Jiyane of “sexist bullying” and harassment and denies that she ever exposed herself to the president.