Winnie Mashaba donate R90 000.00 to matlakala s family

Winnie Mashaba donated R90 000 to the family of the late Gospel Singer Matlakala.

Matlakala passed away a couple of days ago and her death touched the Gospel singer Winnie,who spoke beautifully of Matlakala.

Her death is a pain in my heart and a lot of people who has worked with her will testify that we have lost an very humble and down to earth singer.

A source said Matlakala’s family were going through financial troubles and her funeral arrangements were being slowed down due to not enough money for anything.

Winnie then donated R90 000 to help give the star a dignified funeral. Attempts to get Winnie and Matlakala’s family comments on the matter during the writing of this article failed.