WATCH: Man Gets Mentally Ill After He Quits ZCC Church

WATCH: Man Gets Mentally Ill After He Quits ZCC Church

As millions of the Zion Christian Church faithfuls prepare for the long trek of the Easter pilgrimage to Moria, Limpopo, one former member of the church is locked up in a mental institution.

Family and friends believe that Tshepo Maunatlala became mentally ill after he quit the ZCC church and started revealing secretes of the church to the public.

“Tshepo has always been a nice and respectful young man who has always been a normal and constant church goer until he quit the church and after that there was nothing normal about Tshepo, most people who go to that church always go crazy after they quit the church.” Said one neighbor who didn’t want to be named.

Tshepo who is origianlly from Ga-Matlala in Limpopo has now been moved by family to KZN where he lives with his uncle in Umlazi. The Family Moved Tshepo from Limpopo to Kwa Zulu Natal because of the shame he brought to his family since his father is one of the elders at the church and some of the things Tshepo did were disrespectful to the church.

While in KZN a video of Tshepo emerged on social media. In the video Tshepo is wearing ZCC uniform and he is clearly drunk and during the course of the video, Tshepo can be seen drinking and smoking while people around him are taking videos with their smart phones.
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Tshepo’s mother says she first realized that her son might be mentally ill a couple of months after he quit the church when he travelled to Moria where he demanded to see “his father”.

“He caused chaos and told security personnel to let him in because Lekganyane was his father.

“The next day Lekganyane sent a delegation to my house to tell me that my son has been banned from the church.”