Trump urges Zuma to listen to the people

Trump urges Zuma to listen to the people

WASHINGTON DC — The president of United States, Donald Trump has added his voice to the ongoing #ZumaMustFall campaign aiming at pressuring the president of South Africa, Jacob Zuma to vacate his post of president of the country.

After a #ZumaMustFall march in South Africa went viral on the internet, Trump took told a group of media personnel in the White House that Zuma should heed to the messages of the people.

“The voice of the people is the voice of god. President Zuma must listen to his people. I heard he can sing, dance and he is good with the ladies, maybe he should consider a career in the music industry. Things will work out for him.” – Trump said .

Trump added that, if the people you are governing are not longer interested in you, it makes the nation ungovernable.

“Ruling people who are not interested in you makes the country ungovernable” – Trump added.

Pressure mounts on President Zuma to step down after a ministerial reshuffle which fired the country’s finance minister.