Skolopad Explains Why She Was Disgusted By an Indian Guy Proposing Her

Her relationship status might read ‘single’ but that doesn’t mean that Skolopad is in a rush to race down the aisle. In fact, she has even turned down a proposal from an admirer.

Everyone knows that Skolopad aka ‘the lady in the yellow dress’ loves flaunting her booty.

This after she became an overnight sensation for the revealing outfit she rocked the Metro FM Awards black carpet with.

So you can imagine that turning down a proposal had something to do with that. Taking to Twitter Skolopad revealed that she was ‘offended’ when an Indian guy proposed because inevitably meant she would have to cover up.

She went on to explain that the man was Muslim and would have required her to wear a full outfit and hijabi headscarf.

“Imagine me with only my eyes showing. Hell no!” she added.


She said that she did not mean to offend anyone with the post but just wanted to make it clear that she would not change her image for love.

Speaking to a journalist, Skolopad said that she would always choose her music and body over a man.

“If I had to choose, I would choose music because dimpintje (guy friends) come and go,” she said.