Woman Raped By Men Who Rescued Her

Woman Raped By Men Who Rescued Her

SHE was brutally beaten by her boyfriend and forced to flee her home, but worse was still to come.

The 30-year-old woman from Ivory Park, Ekurhuleni, was on her way to lay a charge at the police station on Thursday night when two men in a taxi stopped and offered her a lift.

Instead of driving to the cop shop, she was driven to a quiet spot . . .

One of the men allegedly raped her while the other stood watch, and when he was done, they drove off and left her there!

Ivory Park police spokesman Captain Bernard Matimulane said police were investigating a case of rape, and a charge of assault against the woman’s boyfriend.

The woman, who was allegedly fleeing from an abusive boyfriend in the middle of the night, was raped by one of the occupants of a vehicle she described to police as a white Inyathi minibus.

“The men offered her a lift to the police station but took her to a secluded spot,” said Matimulane.

He said they stopped at an isolated spot, where one of the occupants raped her while the other one stood and watched.

“A case of rape was registered at Ivory Park Police Station. It was handed over to the Family Violence, Child Protection and Offences unit in the Ekurhuleni North cluster for further investigation,” he said.