Baby Survives 2 Weeks Eating Cockroaches After Single Mom Dies In Shower

Baby Survives 2 Weeks Eating Cockroaches After Single Mom Dies In Shower

BREAKING – “Kids complain about eating brands of cornflakes they don’t like and this little girl ate roaches for 2 weeks and lived,” said a building caretaker that found this little one-year-old girl in the infested apartment at the Cape Flats, which is a wide, low-lying, flat area situated to the southeast of the central business district of Cape Town. To many people in Cape Town, the area is known simply as “The Flats”.

Stacy Jones was found covered in feces and urine after eating nothing but dead cockroaches in her 26 year-old mother’s apartment for two weeks.

On April 20, the building caretaker was asked to open up the apartment of Sandra Jones when her family was unable to contact her. When he walked in, he was greeted by the smell of a decaying body and feces as well as urine which covered the one-year-old little girl.

“It’s a miracle she’s alive,” said Ronald the caretaker. “I mean she ate the roaches because she was starving. That little girl knew what to do to survive. The house was absolutely disgusting, but thank God. If these roaches weren’t here that little girl would be dead.”

The child was rushed to the emergency room for evaluation and was released the next morning. She is currently in the custody of her aunt while they investigate the incident. According to police, it looks like Sandra slipped in the tub and hit her head, causing hemorrhaging in the brain. They believe it was an immediate death.