”I’ve Had Se_x With A C!rcumcised And Un-C!rcumcised Pen!s – Here’s What’s Better” – Woman Reveals All

”I’ve Had Se_x With A C!rcumcised And Un-C!rcumcised Pen!s – Here’s What’s Better” – Woman Reveals All

The debate stops here. An American woman reveals all
The first time I came into real-life contact with an unc!rcumcised pen!s was several years ago. Up until then it was something I’d only seen online as some bizarre curiosity to me, an American woman.
A friend would ask, “Have you seen an unc!rcumcised pen!s?” Then, we’d gather around a computer as the images were brought up, and we expressed our disgust.

It’s not like pen!ses are in the running for any sort of beauty award but the way an unc!rcumcised pen!s looked to us — early 20-something American women who very rarely come across them in our se_x lives (although more parents are opting against c!rcumcision these days) — was a horrifying specimen.

I was so grateful that I’d never see an unc!rcumcised pen!s in the flesh ? or so I assumed, at 22 years old.

There I was, several years later, hooking up with a Swedish boy who clearly had a pen!s that was different from what I’d seen or touched before. I noticed that when I touched him to give him a handjob, I was getting a whole handful of excess skin with which I was completely unfamiliar.

I flipped on the light and demanded answers. “I’m Swedish,” he said. Sweden, as with most of the Western European countries, and most of the world for that matter, do not c!rcumcise. And why would they? Isn’t that foreskin there for a reason?

What I didn’t realize at that time was that my life would be full of unc!rcumcised pen!ses. Although he and I would hook up off and on for four years, in between I was also hooking with a guy from Ireland.

Since I had started traveling alone to Europe, I had my fair share of one-night stand with Europeans, who also were intact. I even married a Frenchman, so I guess I’ve not only gotten used to se_x with an uncirced pen!s, but I actually enjoy it.

And yes, there’s definitely a difference.

What’s it like having se_x with a man who has a c!rcumcised pen~!s?


From an est_hetic standing, a c!rcumcised penis is better looking. Again, pen!ses in general aren’t super attractive but if I had to choose, c!rcumcised definitely wins in the looks category. But because we’re not talking about looks, I digress.

Se_x with a man who has a c!rcumcised pen!s is, oh, how should I say this … not very different from a dildo in how it feels. I’m basing this strictly on how it feels inside and not the technique of the man in question.

It’s simply a shaft that, when it slides in, is just there. Unless there’s cl!t st!mulation — either manually or with a v!brator — that part of woman’s body is completely ignored, unless she’s on top.

It’s when a woman is on top that she can manipulate the situation with her own body to reach that st!mulation, but if she’s on the bottom or even doing d0ggy style, it’s just not happening.

What’s it like having se_x with a man who has an unc!rcumcised pen!s?

Se_x with an unc!rcumcised pen!s is more than just se_x with a pen!s. The foreskin, which rolls back when a man is er_ect, acts like a built-in cl!toris st!mulator.

No matter the position, that skin hits the sp0t in such a way that your vag!na feels completely full, as if there’s nothing missing that should most definitely be there.

This missing factor came to my attention when I had a fling with an American (in between these men with unc!rcumcised pen!ses) that I felt the difference. Unc!rcumcised pen!ses just gl!de better in and out, feel more natural in comparison, and just add an extra “oomph” to the se_xual experience.

While I can say now that I prefer unc!rcumcised pen!ses, I can’t really say they’re better because that’s unfair. Se_x, great se_x, is about technique and chemistry, and that’s not something that comes from a foreskin.

But if you’re lucky enough to get all three in one man, then congratulations! You just got yourself the whole package, you lucky girl.