South African Woman With Giant Butt Wants To Commit Suicide

South African Woman With Giant Butt Wants To Commit Suicide

While celebrities and other women are having butt implants to enhance their rear ends, one South African lady is getting desperate. She says men admire her gigantic butt but want only sex from her, not love.

Lerato Pitso says her gigantic butt has been a curse since childhood. Now she’s 50-years-old and a mother of one child, and it continues to affect her life and her relationship with men.

According to Pitso, the only attention she ever gets is directed at her hips and rear end. Men treat her as a sex object because of her gigantic butt, and she has even considered suicide.

At one stage I wanted to commit suicide because I felt like I’m not good enough. Men only want to sleep with me. They don’t love me. Sometimes I hear a camera’s shutter and when I turn to see what is happening, I see people taking pictures of my backside.

“It isn’t men who are the worst offenders, it is other females.”

This lady has probably never heard of the Kardashians and the admiration they get for their physiques and is really unhappy with her shape.
Times Live reports that Pitso is trying her best to reduce the size of her gigantic butt by following a low-carb, high-protein diet. She also exercises daily.

According to Pitso, who works in market research, when she participated in the Johannesburg Weight Loss Challenge, this quite literally saved her life. On entering the contest, she weighed 265 pounds and was suffering from several serious health problems.


She told the Daily Mail that she has been battling with her weight since teenage and was at that stage on the verge of committing suicide, but the challenge stopped her and saved her life.
Pitso continues to hope that one day she will find a man who loves her for herself, not her gigantic butt. She says at the moment men only want to sleep with her, “They don’t love me.”

“I was tired of people being unkind to me, whispering as I walked past and others taking photos of me from behind. That was humiliating. I tried several diets. I would shed a few kilos only to put them back on because [the fitness trainers] never taught me how to eat properly.”

Now, as she follows her diet and exercise regime, she hopes that love will finally come her way and she can then put the problems of her gigantic butt behind her for good.