Cape Town storm: How 6 yr old boy saved parents by driving them to hospital after a tree fell over their house

A grade 1 boy(name withheld) saved both his parents after a huge tree fell on their house during the raging storm yesterday.

The huge tree fell over the parents bedroom crushing the roof and walls leaving the two trapped with broken spines. They where both bleeding heavily and if they were an hour late doctors believe they would have died.

It took the little boy over an hour to clear the rubble and pull out his parents who were crying in agony and unbearable pain. He dragged them one by one to the family SUV load them and drove to the hospital amidst the storm.

The young hero said he never thought about driving before but the automatic transmission was easy. “I hit the gate but I managed to reach the hospital without anymore accident”.

The little hero said at some point he wanted to give up because he thought his parents won’t make it. “They couldn’t even say something to me they were helpless”

Both the mother and father are now stable and recovering well.