Reasons why Yizo Yizo actor ‘Gunman’ committed suicide

Reasons why Yizo Yizo actor ‘Gunman’ committed suicide

The gangster looking actor with a very soft heart took his precious life after feeling like he is failing his loxion.

Christopher who’s popular for his Gunman in yizo yizo actor ended his life after feeling helpless.

He complained about how he saw two primary kids being kidnapped right in front of him but failed to protect them cos he was a bit too far to do anything fast, said a friend of his.

We didn’t realise the damage caused by the scene he witnessed a week ago although we were aware that it hit him hard,we just didn’t know how hard.

The friend who asked to remain anonymous said that on Monday morning his friend Chris, complained about how he hates living and how he will never forgive himself for not being able to help the two kids.

The kids were abducted by a black BMW and later after saying those words he was found dead in his house.