Here are Signs Your Wife is Sleeping With The Boss..MUST READ FACTS FOR MEN

Here are Signs Your Wife is Sleeping With The Boss..MUST READ FACTS FOR MEN

Think of those s.exually transmitted grades and what makes a socialite. There are those fortunate enough to have the brains and top it up with their beauty, likewise there are those who decide never ever to use their brains once they realise a man’s single weakness: “women”.

These women find their way into the corporate world, knowing nothing except that they can sleep around the job.

Every work place has at least that one woman who sleeps with the boss. Here are some of the characteristics.

She has no respect for time and deadlines. She gets to her desk when some have already completed their day’s work.

No one reprimands her, not the boss, not even their supervisors. She comes at her own time, and most importantly when she wants to.

She definitely has something cooking between her thighs, for the boss.

And even when she comes early, she’ll spend the next hour making calls and laughing stupidly. When she’s done she’ll text for the next thirty minutes.



When she has an assignment to do, she’ll keep asking very stupid questions. She will even ask where the @ sign is on the keyboard, a clear sign that she have never sent email in her entire life, either someone else did or she never had to.

By the mere fact that she got the job in the first place says a lot about her s.exual credentials.

She’s experienced elsewhere other than what she was hired to do. Her shoddy work, too, doesn’t warrant a warning, but its passed to another worker, as she walks away scot free.