WATCH: Strippers Smuggled Into Sun City Prison To Strip For Convicts

WATCH: Strippers Smuggled Into Sun City Prison To Strip For Convicts

NOT EVEN close relatives are allowed to touch their loved ones when they visit them in prison. But when the half-naked strippers came, the rules changed. THE CONTACT WAS CHEEK TO CHEEK FROM HEAD TO TOE! In pictures taken in the Medium B section of Joburg prison, better known as Sun City, in Naturena, south of Joburg, warders stand in the background as prisoners enjoy the attention of sexy strippers.

A picture shows three strippers surrounding a prisoner as they appear ready to take off his trousers. The man is seen raising his hands high above his head.

Another stripper is seen giving a prisoner a hug while others offenders cheered.

“You must understand that when you have money in prison, you have power,” said a former prisoner who shared his prison experience with Daily Sun.

“In prison, money is everything.

If you can pay, you get whatever you want.”

He said if you’ve got money you can get a cow into prison and milk it every day for fresh milk.

“Most of the time, the warders make everything possible,” he said.

The Medium B section houses some of the most dangerous prisoners in the country.

Such prisoners are supposed to be preparing for the outside world, taking part in skills development programmes as part of their rehabilitation.

Family members of the offenders have complained in the past about their treatment when they visit family members in prison. Prison policies are very strict regarding visits and contact is rarely allowed. Visitors are searched to make sure they bring nothing into the prison.

The SA Correctional Services Workers Union raised concerns about the incident in this particular prison.

“Shocking photographs are emerging of what happened at Medium B in the Joburg Management Area,” read their statement.

“The human dignity of offenders has to be protected and were exploited, with photographs speaking more than words.”

The statement said visitors to offenders are not allowed to hug but the head of Medium B had allowed degrading, unorthodox scenes to play out without stopping the sexual connotation to it.”

The union demanded that the head of the prison should be fired.

“He has brought the department into disrepute,” read the statement.

Gauteng Department of Correctional Services spokesman, Ofentse Morwane, said they were disturbed by the images.

He said it prompted an urgent investigation into the way a Youth Day celebration was handled at the prison.

“The department intends to leave no stone unturned in ensuring the officials who were responsible for management of this internal event are brought to book, as a number of internal security processes may have been compromised.”

Watch the Department of Correctional Services press briefing regarding the #PrisonStippers: