Sun City Prison Stripper removes make up and shocks Mzansi

Sun City Prison Stripper removes make up and shocks Mzansi

Busi Mahlangu‚ one of the scantily clad dancers who were photographed performing at Johannesburg Medium-B prison has been unmasked and a lot of people are having strong words for her after images of the woman without make up surfaced online.

Correctional services managers and lower-ranking officials are among 13 people facing possible suspension after photographs of the event‚ held as part of Youth Month celebrations‚ went viral on social media. Social media has been trying to identify the women in the photo and one of them was positively identified as Busi Mahlangu, an entertainer in Gauteng.

Despite the noise, Busi was adamant she is not a str!pper and rather preferred the term “Entertainer”

Mahlangu told Mzansi Stories the performance was put on by three women and three men. “We are shocked that we are now being called str!ppers.”

Cassius Tlhotlhalemaje‚ a male performer in the group who is also a choreographer‚ said the routine took nine minutes. Prisoners and officials gave them a guard of honour when they were about to leave.

“There was nothing $€xual about it‚” he told the newspaper.

Mahlangu said the furore would affect the reputation of the dancers.

“Someone took advantage of the situation and manipulated it to suit the power struggle that is currently going on there (at the prison)‚” she added.