Tzaneen Blesser kills Nyatsi at Durban July for smiling at a younger man

According to reports, a Tzaneen Blesser killed his side chick at Durban July for smiling at a younger man.

Blessers are old men who refuse to look and feel old. Blessers are married men who leave their wives at home to mingle with the younger generation.

A businessman from Tzaneen took his second year university of Limpopo LLB student to the Durban July to have fun but ended up in tragedy.

The 20 year old Kgaugelo Marutha was suffocated to death using a pillow by his jealous Blesser.

He noticed her changing smiles and winks with a much younger guy at the function and he dragged her back to the hotel where he killed her.

Investigations are still underway and the police refused to comment on the matter during the time of writing this article.