Gunman killed himself over cheating wife – Read full suicide note that explains all

Former Yizo Yizo actor Jabu “Gunman” Kubheka committed suicide because his wife Cynthia Khumalo was cheating on him.
Khumalo allegedly also told him that he was useless in bed.

According to the full suicide note seen by Sunday World, Kubheka said he had decided to end it all to satisfy Khumalo and her new lover.

“I am so sad Toto. We have been together and trusted each other, now that you got new friends and a boyfriend I am now your trash.

“So sad, I decided to do a wrong turn because I can’t take it any more as you said I am broke and useless in bed,” read the suicide note.

Kubheka also indicated in the note that Khumalo said her ancestors had told her to get rid of him because he was a useless man.

However, Khumalo denied saying Kubheka was useless in bed and that she had a new boyfriend.

“We had a normal relationship like a married couple, and I had never said he was useless in bed,” she said.

She told Sunday World that even after she had caught Kubheka multiple times with various women in bed, she always forgave him.

“He was a serial cheater but I never retaliated or decided to cheat to hurt him because whenever he was with me I loved him regardless of his mistakes,” she said.


Kubheka’s aunt Busi Kgaswane, whose name and cellphone numbers appeared on the note, said the actor and singer had phoned her on the day of the suicide and told her that Khumalo was kicking him out of her house in Soshanguve, Tshwane, saying he was useless.

“When we got to his house after we were told he was no more, we found his bags packed in the dining room.”

Kgaswane said they have found closure as a family because they now know what really caused him to kill himself.

Another aunt, Phindile Xaba, disputed Khumalo’s claim that Kubheka had 24 children.

“We only know 14 children and they all attended the funeral. If there are more out there, they are welcome to come forward so that we can get to know them. His children look like him so we will know if they’re his,” said Xaba.

She said they were grateful that he never encouraged abortion among his girlfriends.