Robert Mugabe Rules Zimbabwe From Hospital Bed

Robert Mugabe Rules Zimbabwe From Hospital Bed

OPPOSITION parties in Zimbabwe have accused long time president Robert Mugabe of “ruling the country from a hospital bed”.

Mugabe, 93, flew out of the country for “routine medical check-ups” over the weekend.

According to New, the parties demanded the “immediate retirement” of the veteran leader.

Spokesperson for the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC), Obert Gutu said that Mugabe’s retirement was long overdue.

Gutu said that Mugabe was no longer young and the “punishing schedule that he gives himself isn’t good for his physical, mental and emotional health”.

On the other hand, the Tendai Biti led Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) party spokesperson, Jacob Mafume, said that Mugabe should just relocate to Singapore as the Southeast Asian country had become his home.

Mugabe’s medical trips to Singapore have become more frequent in recent years. His previous visit was in May and it was also said to be for a “routine medical check-up”.

In 2011 and 2014 he had eye surgery in a hospital in the Southeast Asian country.

Mugabe now walks with difficulty and sometimes dozes off during meetings.


His health has been the subject of increased speculation in recent years and authorities in March arrested two journalists over a report alleging that he was “in bad shape”.

Zimbabwe was expected to hold a crunch election next year in which Mugabe is expected to stand as a Zanu-PF candidate.

His wife, Grace, once told the ruling party supporters that if her husband was to die, they could “field his corpse (sic) to participate in elections”.

Last year in May, Grace told tens of thousands of people gathered for a march in support of Mugabe that he will remain their leader even when he’s “in the grave”.