Zodwa Wabantu kaks herself while on stage

Fan favorite Zodwa WaBantu had a weekend she would quickly like to forget. The dancing queen had a sudden bowl attack while on stage which she couldn’t hold. The result saw her messing her p@nts with a liquid brown substance which quickly streamed down her legs.

The emberasing incident happened at the Mzansi Viewers Choice Awards which took place over the weekend.

Zodwa is believed to have seen earlier eating and assortment of foods which we suspect might have contributed to the toilet incident.

An attendee at the awards show said Zodwa tried to contain the “mash” with her hands but it was too late as everyone would see what was happening. She quickly hurried off he stage and went backstage.

MzansiJuice tried to contact her for comment but she was unreachable at the time of going to press. A reluctant friend of Zodwa confirmed the incident and said Zodwa was devastated.