WATCH: Uproar as Riky Rick ‘forces’ man to take off fake sneakers

WATCH: Uproar as Riky Rick ‘forces’ man to take off fake sneakers

The rapper, however, says people are just being too sensitive about the matter.

Rapper Riky Rick has been trending on Twitter after videos of him making a young man take off his fake Balenciaga sneakers at a store emerged. In the videos, Riky can be heard asking the man where he bought his sneakers, as he tells the shop assistants to get the young men real Vans.

“We’re not letting it happen, we’re not letting it happen! Where did you get this? Please get this man some Vans, man,” says Riky, as onlookers laugh.

Riky buys the man new Vans and forces him to change and get rid of the fake Balenciaga kicks.

Watch the videos below:

His gesture has divided social media users, with some saying it was all just for fun. They supported Riky for making fun of the fake sneakers while buying the young men real ones.

Some said what he did was wrong and he should not have “humiliated” the young man like that.

Riky, however, said people were taking things too seriously, and that the young man was not at all humiliated. He shared a picture of the man wearing his new sneakers, saying: “All thanks to Riky”.

“Nkosi yam, the kid some of you are saying was ‘humiliated’ is saying ‘thank you’ for being saved from ‘Falenciagas’. Don’t be sensitive bafethu.

“My older brothers and OGs always used to and still gwaza us like that. If he was embarrassed, would he be posing with the Vans I bought him? Riky asked.

Still, some on social media are still angry.
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