ZCC Man dies after taking pictures at Moria and posting them on social media

In Moria there is a natural order. People slip quietly into position. Dozens of church workers are on hand to guide, help and advice. But one naughty man decided to ignore the advice given.

If there is one thing that every ZCC member knows is that picture are not allowed at Moria and those take pictures anyway will suffer the consequences.

A man recently took a picture at Moria on Thursday while everyone was kneeling down and praying.

According to sources close to the situation, the man waited for everyone to close their eyes and then took out his smart phone which he used to take a picture of the worshipers while they were praying.

The man then posted the picture on facebook and it quickly gained momentum on facebook as dozens of users started sharing the photo.

But sadly the man was found dead in his tent on Friday morning at Moria holding the very same smart phone he used to take the forbidden picture. According to a source who was there when the man was discovered, it appears he died trying to delete the picture from his facebook account.


“When we found him he was cold as ice and hard as a rock, almost as if he suffered a severe stroke and died immediately, he had the phone in his hands and the phone screen was displaying options to delete the picture on facebook. That’s how most of us had found out that the picture was taken and already on facebook because we don’t have time for social media when we are in Moria.” Said the source who did not want to be named.

We can not mention the name of the man who took the picture due to the nature of things in Moria and how they like to be discreet. But you can learn more about the late ZCC member on his facebook page