What Is The Best Way To End Flowing Of Blood After Abortion?

What Is The Best Way To End Flowing Of Blood After Abortion?

Here at News Daily we don’t usually post letters sent to us by email but here we have someone who is desperate for advice. Please read and share or leave your advice in the comments.

Am a guy of 27 and my girlfriend is 22 years old. I love her to the point that I can go extra mile to make her happy.

I went to visit her in the school, we had sex in the process. Though I used condom but she called me and told me that she has not seen her period for 2 months.

After like some days, I sent her money to go for laboratory test in which she did and the result came out positive.

That same evening, she called to tell me that she want to abort the baby because she is still in school. I pleaded her to leave it, that I am equal to the task.

She even threatened me that if she uses her money to end the pregnancy, that I should forget about her and that she will never forgive me.

Being that I don’t want lose her, I rushed to a pharmacy and got her the drug to use instead of going to hospital. When she took it, blood began to come out from her vagina that same night before she started complaining for stomach pain.

The pain lasted for 2 days. She later went to the nearby clinic to confine in the doctor. The doctor opened up to her that the drug can lead to death if she has not taken quick step.

The doctor injected her another drugs and gave her oral one too. When she took the drugs that the doctor gave to her, the pain became very severe for her to bear.

This time, the blood that came out from her body is dark and very tick. This is 6 days and the blood still rushing like water.

As am writing this story, am on the way to the hospital with her. I don’t want to lose my baby.

I need help please doctors in the house, nurses and medical practitioners what should I do to stop the gushing of blood.

I need your experience advice.