Watch Video: Fake cops arrested in Johannesburg

Watch Video: Fake cops arrested in Johannesburg

At times in South Africa, it can be difficult to tell the difference between law enforcement and law breakers.

Uniform would in normally circumstances be a sure way to tell one from the other but not when it’s as readily available to the public as it is these days.

Such was the case on Thursday in Johannesburg when two sets of men in uniform squared off on the corner of Main and Witkoppen.

The moment was captured on video and this time around it was the men without the right to don the uniform who came off second best.

In the video shared on Twitter by user Neo Rasibe, the perps are seen lying hapless on the ground while being handcuffed by legit policemen.

It is unclear how they were caught or who gave the tip off but we can be glad they were apprehended.