Shock as married woman follows her ‘rapist’ for more S.ex

Shock as married woman follows her ‘rapist’ for more S.ex

In a bizarre incident that has shocked the local community, a married woman followed a man she had accused of raping her for more sexual pleasure.

Surprisingly, the woman also pleaded with the court to drop the rape charges.

Talent Zvenyika of Plot 1 Tredidon, Featherstone, stunned the court when she asked for the withdrawal of the rape charges against William Chiocha (38). Chiocha was set free after Magistrate Fadzai Mutombeni withdrew the case following Zvenyika’s withdrawal plea. Zvenyika claimed she had fallen in love with Chiocha after the rape incidents.

She further claimed she followed the man later on and the two fell in love. The two later had sex by mutual consent on several occasions, claimed Zvenyika. It was the State’s case that sometime in February 2016, Chiocha arrived at Zvenyika’s homestead with his younger brothers and proposed love to her but she indicated she was a married woman.

Chiocha later returned and found the woman asleep since her husband Billa Luckmore Gijima had not yet returned home from a soccer match. He then undressed the woman and raped her once.On another day Chiocha once again approached Zvenyika while she was in the kitchen preparing supper. He then grabbed a screaming Zvenyika and raped her.

The woman later told her husband about the incident and he then accompanied her to Charter Police Base to report the matter. However the woman stunned the court when she claimed she was in love with the man who raped her. “Although I did not agree at first, I later fell in love with Chiocha and we had sex by consent.We asked each other for forgiveness and we are now in love-therefore the case can be withdrawn,”said Zvenyika.