Woman dies of heart attack after losing virginity

Woman dies of heart attack after losing virginity

What was suppose to be a special night, turned fatal for 19 year old Thando. The young woman died from a heart attack after losing her virginity.

  • said Vusi who was questioned by police at the scene.

    Thando, 19 years old from Mamelodi was found dead in her room in a pool of “fluid” due to a strong orgasm while losing her virginity. Friends of Thando told reporters that she was excited about her special night.

    “Thando who was a UJ first year student had planned out this night for weeks, said her roommate. She said that if she was to die tomorrow, she didn’t want to die a virgin. I didn’t think that it would literally happen,” added her roommate.


    Authorities searched the apartment and found 20 year old Vusi, also a UJ student, hiding in the closet according to a statement released by authorities, “I came over to the apartment around 8 p.m. to meet up with Thando. She was dressed in Victoria’s Secret with Candles lighting the room. We immediately got busy but about 5 minutes in, Thando turned into a waterfall.”

    “I’ve never seen a girl do that before. She told me not to stop but then she grabbed her chest and then passed out. I had no idea what to do and I didn’t want to call the police. I laid next to her for about 20 minutes and then ran into the closet when I heard her friend calling her name from the front room,” added Vusi.

    Investigators are working to conclude the cause of death. Vusi was questioned and later released. No charges are planned to be filed against Him.