DJ Tira Charges R50 000 To Say ‘Chikichikichaaaaaa’ On A Song

The legendary DJ Tira is well known for his signature sound ‘Chikichikichaaaaaa’ and he has decided to capitalize on it.

DJ Tira took to Twitter were he tweeted: “For all artists/ DJs who want Chikichikichaaaaaa on their songs….the price has gone up! R50k. Verse is R70k. Chorus is R100k.”

Break down:
R50,000 for Tira to go: “Chikichikichaaaaaa” on your track
R70,000 for him to give you a verse on the song
R100,000 to do a chorus

See the tweet below:

Responding to a fan’s criticism, the 40-year-old DJ explained why he charged so much: “My average songs makes people hundreds of thousands! And I don’t make average songs!!! Hit after Hit!!! Phika Vuma!”


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